Hi, I’m Diana Ratliff, the owner of SimpleCaseStudies.com and founder of the Case Study System. Glad you’re here, welcome!

I’m also known as Your Friend on the Web, which is the name of my digital marketing consulting agency in Columbia, MO. I put up my first website in 1999 – even got on national TV because of it! – and have “been there, done that” when it comes to online marketing strategies and services.

I LOVE to explore new ideas and strategies to benefit fellow business owners, and this press release + case study strategy is one of the most powerful and effective I’ve ever seen.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to local businesses. Local businesses often have limited marketing budgets and they can’t afford to waste their advertising dollars on tactics that just don’t work.

I am the owner and face of the business, and I am the one who will be working with you, should you choose to hire me. I do collaborate with a team of experts in case studies, digital marketing and SEO.

I’m confident that I can help grow your business – may I show you how? Contact me!



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