Do Blog Posts Actually Lead to Purchases? [New Data]

According to a 2023 Marketing Trends Report from Hubspot, 29% of marketers use a website or blog to attract and convert leads.

The enduring importance placed on blogging isn’t shocking. Blogs are integral to most digital marketing plans because they can:

  • Boost SEO
  • Improve overall site traffic and a brand’s online presence
  • Help prospects learn more about your industry, brand, product, or service

However, starting and running an effective, traffic-generating blog requires much time and energy. Plus, if you’re a marketing manager on a tight budget, you may wonder, “Will blog posts actually lead to purchases?”

To answer the question, here’s some research they conducted to help you determine if a company blog suits your marketing strategy.

Important Blog Statistics Marketers Should Know

As previously mentioned, blogs remain essential to many marketing strategies, and there are statistics that show why. Here are some blog statistics from the Marketing Trends Report:

  • One in three marketers are leveraging their blog or website as well as SEO to land on SERPs
  • Blogs, social media shopping tools, and influencer marketing are all tied for the highest ROI of any marketing channel

A chart graph showing blogging, social media shopping tools, and influencer marketing all tied for highest ROI

  • 33% of marketers are leveraging blog posts in their marketing strategy.
  • Blog posts, interviews, images, and podcasts will see high first-time use among marketers in 2023.

Do Blog Posts Lead to Purchases?

The growth of other content strategies, like video marketing, might make you think consumers will only buy products after seeing them on other platforms.

However, when 300 consumers were surveyed via Lucid and asked, “Have you ever purchased something from a company after reading a blog post?” a whopping 56% said, “Yes.”

percentage of people who've bought something after reading a blog is 56%

Furthermore, blog posts are among the media formats with the highest ROI, along with videos, images, and podcasts.

Why Blogs Lead to Purchases

If your company has a blog that discusses your industry or how your offerings can help with the average reader’s everyday pain points, your audiences can discover and gain trust in your brand’s expertise. That trust and credibility could ultimately lead to purchases.

Why? Suppose a prospect trusts the advice or information given in your blog posts. In that case, they might trust that your offerings are better quality than your competitor’s because your brand knows the industry, what customers want, and the pain points your product or service solves.

Even if you prefer video, social media, or visual marketing strategies, it’s important to remember that blogs can help you sell products in ways other content types can’t.

Videos and images, for example, might only give prospects a glimpse of how a product or service works. However, blog posts can offer extensive information that would otherwise be cut from videos and images to avoid overwhelming viewers on social media.

Blog posts can also increase your search ranking and allow more opportunities to link directly to a landing or purchasing page. Consumers can find your content via search, then read your post, and easily click to a product purchasing page after your content persuades them to buy a product.

Additionally, because most blog sites allow you to embed videos, podcasts, and imagery, your company blog can also be a great place to promote your other marketing assets while still informing prospects about your brand.

Why not make that simple blog post as credible and trusted as possible? Put a case study on it! I’ll write it for you.

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