Missouri Zipline Installation Company Designs Thrilling Zipline for Central Missouri Summer Camp: Case Study

When it comes to safe, fun, and imaginative zipline installations in Missouri, Missouri zipline installation company Zenith Zipline Installations has the experience and expertise to deliver. A recent challenge was to install a new zipline at a popular family summer camp in Central Missouri, near Columbia.

Show-Me Summer Camp, located in the heart of Missouri, has long served as a refreshing, enjoyable summer experience for children, families, and adults statewide. With a small lake for fishing and water sports, wood cabins and a lodge for group gatherings, it hosts its own camps and also rents its facilities to other groups. A major refresh and rehaul of the campground began last year.

When campground staff decided to add a zipline to their amenities, they turned to Zenith Zipline installers.

Central Missouri Summer Camp Zipline Installation Project Details

  • Client: Show-Me Summer Camp
  • Location: on 400 wooded acres just NW of Columbia, MO, near the Boone County and Howard County Line
  • Zipline Installer: Zenith Zipline Installations, website URL, phone number
  • Zipline length: 800 feet
  • Zipline Type: classic zipline
  • Time to complete: 2 weeks
  • Products Used: galvanized metal zipline cable, Acme brand zipline trolley, zipline brake system, harness, and handlebars

Missouri Zipline Installation Installation Challenges

Camp management wanted to use trees as anchor points for the zipline, and include a view of the on-site lake, without actually going over the lake itself. Most of the terrain around the lake is heavily wooded; access for equipment and personnel needed to install and maintain the zipline did not exist.

Additionally, since the zipline would be used by both adults and children, safety was a major concern. There needed to be plenty of room for riders and Camp staff at either end of the line.

Missouri Zipline Installation Solutions

Installers from Zenith Zipline Installations worked with Camp owners were able to identify two healthy, sturdy trees to use as anchor points. They were near the lake and at a modest elevation change from each other. It was decided to expand an existing path within the Camp to make a road between the new zipline and the camp lodge.

Zenith Zipline personnel recommended several options for zipline product equipment and agreed to focus on Acme brand products. They will offer ongoing regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the zipline system remains in good condition. In addition, ZZI personnel held special training sessions for Camp staff members who would be stationed at the zipline.

Summer Camp Zipline Installation Project Results

The new zipline system has been a popular attraction at Show-Me Summer Camp, providing campers of all ages a safe but thrilling outdoor experience and contributing to the Camp’s overall appeal. The classic zipline design and the scenic location have made it a hit with visitors of all ages. Additionally, the installation has been a success in terms of safety, with no reported accidents or incidents since its installation.

About Zenith Zipline Installations

Zenith Zipline Installations has earned a reputation for designing and installing safe, thrilling, and customized zipline systems. As a prmier Missouri Zipline Installation company, they have more than 25 years of experience in building ziplines of all types.  The company prioritizes safety, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in all their projects.

The new zipline system at Show-Me Summer Camp is a testament to their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality zipline experiences.

Their clients are typically homeowners with large backyards, parks and recreational facilities, summer camps, and other outdoor venues that want to provide a fun and exciting activity for their guests.

Contact Zenith Zipline Installations to learn more about what they can do for YOU. They have installed simple and complex ziplines in backyards, parks, school facilities and other adventure-related destinations.

*NOTE: this is a SAMPLE/DEMO case study, not a real company!

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