Columbia MO Photographer Sarah Jane Shorthose Propelled to Top of Google by Press Release

Summary: Sarah Jane Photography of Columbia, MO hired Diana Ratliff to write and distribute a press release for her family Photography Business. Written and distributed in late December, 2023, the press release still ranks high in Google for desired search terms more than 2 months later.

Diana Ratliff, owner of Your Friend on the Web and Simple Case Studies in Columbia MO, is delighted to announce that her single press release for Sarah Jane Shorthose, owner of SJ Photography, produced brand mentions on 361 websites.

Shorthose specializes in capturing the personalities of families and individuals in her photography. Sarah Shorthose is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Portrait and Wedding Photography from the University of Central Missouri. She has been serving clients in central Illinois and central Missouri since 2006.

She recently moved her business from Illinois to Missouri, and one of her goals was to help Google associate her business with Columbia. She also wanted to promote her new family portrait wall service by showing up in Google searches.

Press Release Details:

  • SEO-Optimized Word Count: 484 words
  • Photos Included: 4 plus logo
  • Strategic Distribution: Basic distribution package to 200+ news websites
  • Location Targeted: Columbia MO (Boone County, Central Missouri)
  • Keywords Targeted: family portrait walls Columbia MO, family picture walls Columbia MO, family home gallery Columbia MO plus other related terms
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization: (Collaborated with Sarah on new “Home Gallery” page, written by her)


Brand mentions: 360 websites
Rank improvements: multiple search terms, including:

  • family portrait wall Columbia MO
  • family picture walls Columbia MO
  • family home gallery Columbia MO

Sites include such reputable organizations as (Authority 72 site) and (Authority 38 site).

As shown in the image below, this press release was very successful. An “incognito mode” search for “family portrait wall Columbia MO” displayed Ratliff’s press release at the very top. This is despite nearly 23,000,000 results for that search, and a delay of two months after original publication.

family portrait wall columbia mo

Shorthose commented,

“Diana made the case study project so simple and organized. She really went above and beyond to research my topic, finding the keywords to perform well and within hours of posting had me on the front page of google for a few variations. Being new in our market and trying to shift our google presence from one town to another this made huge strides for us.

Plus, Diana’s guidance through reviewing of our website in preparation for our press release led us to create one of our strongest landing pages which really truly outlines our speciality. The work Diana put in on this project really surpassed all my expectations and showed me how much she invests in doing her work well for her clients. We will be using her services again.”

About Diana Ratliff, Press Release Expert

Diana Ratliff, Your Friend on the Web, is an experienced digital marketing consultant who specializes in press releases and case studies. She writes them as well as distributes them. She has spoken at multiple conferences such as the Wild Bird Expo and Bernina International, and has been featured on The CBS Sunday Morning Show. She has been in business since 1999.

To schedule a consultation or hire Diana for press releases or case studies, please complete the contact form on this website.

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