Should You Distribute a Press Release Before or After an Event?

Your company or organization has an event coming up. Such as:

  • Trade show, Chamber event or local business fair;
  • Seminar presentation;
  • Acceptance of a prestigious award;
  • Interview on national TV or article in major publication;
  • Community project, such as a Habitat for Humanity build;
  • Fundraising event for your company or a non-profit you support.

You want to get all the attention you can get, and press releases are tailor made for just that. So when should you distribute your press release? Before the event, or after? Which will give you the best bang for your buck? (SPOILER ALERT: AFTER THE EVENT! Keep reading.)

business meeting for press release

Here are some of the pros and cons about when to distribute an event-related press release online. (It’s even better if you can do before AND after, but if you have to choose, here’s what to consider.)

Pros/Cons of Distributing a Press Release BEFORE an Event

  • Pros:
    • Build anticipation and generate buzz among your customers, fans and followers;
    • Attract local media attention and secure coverage in advance;
    • Increase event visibility and encourage attendance;
    • Highlight key announcements or product launches ahead of time.
  • Cons:
    • May not reach as many people as you’d like, because many who might be otherwise interested have never heard of you;
    • There’s a risk of information being outdated or that changes may occur before it happens;
    • You can’t include any info or photos that happen during or after the event;
    • The press release information becomes dated quickly; it may remain online for months or years, but few people will be interested in what it has to say.

Pros/Cons of Distributing a Press Release AFTER an Event

  • Pros:
    • Include event highlights, successes, and outcomes in the press release.
    • Showcase partnerships, collaborations, or achievements resulting from the event.
    • Provide a comprehensive recap for interested people who couldn’t attend.
    • Extend the event’s impact and visibility post-event.
    • Add photos, video, testimonials from event attendees
  • Cons:
    • Miss out on pre-event promotion and anticipation building.
    • Delayed exposure and coverage compared to distributing before the event.
    • Compete with other post-event news and announcements for media attention.

In my opinion, distributing a press release AFTER the event will probably do more for you!

Remember, my focus is online press release syndication, not local media outreach. So yes, if you have media contacts and partners who can publicize an upcoming event, ask for their help!

But if we’re speaking of press releases and the kind of impact they can have ONLINE, consider this:

  • If people don’t know that an event is coming up, they cannot search for it online;
  • If people don’t know or follow your company, they won’t search for it online;
  • The longer information is relevant, the longer people may have interest in it.

Online Press Release Distribution After an Event Will Help You More, Long-term

AFTER an event, if you’ve done your job well, more people will be aware of you and checking you out online.

Maybe they didn’t grab your business card, but they’re looking for the landscaper from the Home Show. Or the speaker from the Marketing Conference who talked about programmatic.

They may or may not remember your name, but they are now interested in your expertise. They want to check you out. They want to remember what you talked about. They want to be able to find your website and learn more about your qualifications.

Since most online press releases are distributed immediately, there’s a good chance that they will show up in online searches right away.  Right when people are looking for you! And many online press releases remain live in Google for months, if not years, after an event.

How I Can Help You With Press Release Writing and Distribution

Note that for this to work, the press release needs to be strategically written, with Google and search terms in mind. That’s what I do; I can write and distribute your press release, but even better, I can position it in such a way as to make you more visible and increase your website traffic. That’s my intent with all the press releases I write, whether they’re for events or not. If that interests you, let’s talk!

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