Luxe Epoxy Surfaces Flooring in Arlington TX Transforms Sunset Grove Mall

In the bustling heart of Arlington, TX, a major Dallas suburb, retail spaces constantly seek innovative ways to stand out. When the management of Sunset Grove Mall decided to revamp their flooring, they chose Luxe Epoxy Surfaces for their renowned expertise in decorative concrete and epoxy floor coatings.

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Decorative Concrete Flooring Project Overview

Client Profile: Sunset Grove Mall, a popular retail destination in Arlington TX
Location: Arlington, TX
Type of Flooring: Decorative concrete with a glossy epoxy finish
Area Covered: 50,000 sq. ft.
Products Used: UltraGloss Epoxy, DecorArt Concrete Stains
Project Duration: 3 weeks
Specific Challenges: High foot traffic, need for quick drying solutions, and aesthetic appeal.
Flooring Features: UV resistant, anti-slip, and easy-to-clean
Maintenance Recommendations: Regular cleaning with pH-neutral cleaners, annual resealing for high traffic areas

Key Features of Luxe Epoxy Surfaces’ Decorative Concrete Solution

Luxe Epoxy Surfaces‘ decorative concrete solutions are not just about aesthetics. Their UltraGloss Epoxy ensures a high gloss finish that’s resistant to UV rays, preventing color fading over time. The anti-slip properties guarantee safety for mall visitors, even during peak hours. Moreover, the easy-to-clean nature of the flooring means maintenance teams can keep the floors pristine with minimal effort.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete and Epoxy Coatings by Luxe Epoxy Surfaces

Sunset Grove Mall now boasts a floor that’s both functional and visually stunning. The decorative concrete patterns, combined with the glossy epoxy finish, elevate the mall’s overall ambiance. Retailers have reported increased foot traffic, attributing it to the inviting floor design. Furthermore, the durability of Luxe Epoxy Surfaces‘ solutions ensures the mall won’t need frequent touch-ups, leading to long-term cost savings.

Epoxy Flooring Challenges Addressed by Luxe Epoxy Surfaces

The mall’s primary challenge was its high foot traffic, which meant the flooring solution had to be both durable and quick drying. Additionally, the management wanted a design that resonated with the mall’s modern aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

Arlington Epoxy Floor Solutions by Luxe Epoxy Surfaces

Luxe Epoxy Surfaces introduced their quick-dry UltraGloss Epoxy, ensuring minimal disruption to the mall’s operations.  The chosen decorative concrete patterns seamlessly blended with the mall’s design ethos. Their comprehensive solution addressed both the aesthetic and functional needs of the mall.

Summary: for Epoxy Flooring in Arlington, TX, call Luxe Epoxy Services

In just three weeks, Luxe Epoxy Surfaces transformed Sunset Grove Mall’s flooring into a masterpiece of design and functionality. Their commitment to quality, combined with their expertise in decorative concrete and epoxy coatings, has solidified their reputation as Arlington’s go-flooring contractor.

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